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ALERT! Be Prepared for Fire Safety Ordinance Changes

It looks like it may stick this time! Despite several extensions and delays, a stricter Chicago Life Safety ordinance is set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2015. But in many ways, the Chicago ordinance is merely playing "catch up" with state-wide codes already in place within Illinois!

While the focus of the ordinance (and existing codes) is on Sprinkler systems, another important aspect deals with two other Fire Safety features:

Just what are these systems and why should you care?

Automatic Elevator Recall refers to a safety protocol in which building elevators are automatically returned to the ground floor in event of a fire detection alarm signal. The idea is to avoid sending an elevator car (with live passengers) toward an actively burning area within a building. (This scenario actually and tragically played out in a well publicized incident in Chicago in 2012.)

Emergency Voice Communication refers to dedicated 1- and 2-way emergency communication systems and monitoring tie-ins available both to trapped building inhabitants and to firefighters and other emergency responders.

Why Should You Care About These Systems?

While Sprinkler System exemptions will remain in place for pre-1975 "high rise" (>80 feet) construction, proper Elevator Recall and Emergency Voice Communication systems will now be mandatory in ALL such buildings.

There are already statutes in place requiring licensed LSE (Life Safety Evaluation) reports to be regularly filed on all subject structures. This is always your first step. But remember, whether or not your place of business falls under these new city (or longstanding IL) codes, where appropriate, Automatic Elevator Recall and Emergency Voice Communication systems are simply a good idea! No one ever thinks "it can happen to us", but truly, your employees' and your customers' lives are at stake (and just maybe your own). And, of course. there is always a "peace of mind" factor to such things.

The good news: Andromeda•Patriot has years of experience with these systems and how they need to tie into your Fire Alarm system to operate reliably and to "pass muster".

Please contact your Account Manager to learn more about these safety systems, new city/state code requirements, and how Andromeda•Patriot can help make your building a safer place to live and work:
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