Fire System —Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a fire alarm system already. Can Patriot Security Group do anything for me?

Patriot Security Group qualified technicians can add or delete, to or from, your existing system. We can service, maintain, and monitor other systems as well.

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I have a monitoring agreement for my alarm with another company. Can Patriot Security Group help me?

Patriot Security Group staff will offer you equivalent monitoring services with multiple billing options for your existing alarm system. Most often times we can offer such monitoring at a substantial cost saving and we will assist you with canceling your existing monitoring agreement.

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I keep having problems with my current alarm system. What can Patriot Security Group do about this?

The most common cause of problems with a low voltage system is poor installation. Our industry is not governed as strictly as trades (ie: electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.) and this opens the door for poor quality work to be done by less responsible alarm companies. Our service team has been finding problems with systems across the Midwest for many years. Their experienced eyes will locate and repair the headaches you've been dealing with in record time.

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What's the difference between Patriot Security Group and other low voltage providers?

Our management staff is dedicated to strict quality control. Our technicians are frequently evaluated on installations to maintain their unmatched quality. Our feeling is that the best installed systems are not noticed until they need to be. Any exposed wiring, or awkwardly installed devices, are avoided at all costs. We pride ourselves on neatly installing wire and devices in ways that make our system nearly invisible until they are out into action by a fire, burglary, or illegal actions. In addition to our quality work, Patriot Security Group operates under one rule: We have one customer, you. With this in mind we want you to know that with each job the Patriot Security Group team takes on, it is treated with an paralleled sense of urgency, dedication and quality of work. We make sure the customer knows our appreciation for choosing us above all others. We believe that the highest form of flattery is a referral from our customers!

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What type of equipment or features are available on today's alarms/low voltage systems for my home or business?

The possibilities are nearly endless. Here are a few of the most popular features:

And many, many more.

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Is Patriot Security Group appropriately licensed, bonded and insured?

The Patriot Security Group holds an Illinois alarm contractor license, Chicago Electrical license, and has appropriate insurance and bonding for our specialized field of work. In addition to our company licenses, each team member is required to hold an Illinois PERC card which is an individual license for our field, issued by the State of Illinois.

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